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5 Steps to Getting the Most Cash for Junk Cars

Not everybody realizes they can still get good cash for junk cars. Even if the vehicle in question hasn't run in years, or has received extensive damage it may still hold value. All you need to know is who to call, and how to prepare your car for a quick sale.

There are literally thousands of junkyards, used car dealers, and salvage yards who understand how to extract every last dollar's worth of value out of any vehicle, no matter what condition it is currently in.

These businesses, which make up the woof and warp of the salvage industry, work with each other to resell and recycle old autos and auto parts for a living. They also compete directly with each other to find the best deals, which is good for the general public because most people need help seeing the value of an old heap auto.

Let's take a look at a few things you should know and do before making the mistake of paying someone to take your still valuable car or truck away leaving you with nothing but the memories of its glory days.

These tips will help you get the most cash for cars:

  1. Preparation is Key:

    First, it would be a good idea to perform a thorough assessment of the cars condition. Walk around and not any dings, dents, and scratches. Make a note of missing or damaged parts, and any rust that has begun to take hold.

    All of these factors can affect the value of the vehicle, and this will make it much easier for the buyer to make his assessment. Honesty is the best policy in reporting car damage. Auto re-sellers' usually have extensive mechanical backgrounds and will be hard to deceive when it comes to your cars true value.

    Just remember that a "junk car" is one that has deteriorated, or has been damaged to the point that another consumer would have no use for it in its current state.

  2. Determining Automobile Value:

    "Kelley Bluebook" is an automobile based publication that is helpful when trying to figure out how much a car or truck is worth. This widely respected booklet is used among the industry as a standard for vehicle value assessment.

    Now, your old clunker is not likely going to be worth as much as the Bluebook value, depending on its condition. After reading through it, however, you will have a better feel of how much your car is worth.

    If you possess some knowledge of car mechanics, you might be able to deduct the estimated cost of repairs to get a ballpark figure of the vehicles current value.

  3. Make Sure You Have the Title:

    You will need to possess the original, or a duplicate title to prove ownership of the car before you can sell it. There is a transfer process, which must be followed even when selling a car that doesn't run. The salvage yard and other junk yards require that you legally hold the current title of any car you wish to sell.

    Laws and regulations for the transfer of automobiles vary from state to state, so be sure to learn your states particular laws on this transaction. Technically, if you do not sign over the title to the car, you will still own it, despite no longer having it in your possession.

  4. Give Your Car A Good Detailing:

    Obviously, the better your old wreck looks the more value you might get out of it at the point of sale.

    Remove all of your personal possessions, stickers, iPods, notes, and garbage, etc. If the trunk has been a collection point for trash, tools, or other debris, you'll want to clear all of that stuff out a well. Just be sure you keep anything and everything that does not add value to it. You want to make sure you clean out anything that may contain any printed personal information about you, as well. You never know where this car will end up, or in who's hands your personal information could fall into.

    When you think you have it all, don't forget your license plates! If your plates are still valid, they could be used again on another vehicle illegally.

  5. Compare Salvage/Junk Yard Offers:

    SHOP AROUND! Once you have performed your own vehicle assessment check, it's time to start looking for the best offer for your junk cars. The yard you call may be able to offer you a quote over the phone, as long as you have all of the required information about it.

    Remember to keep a list of the quotes you received for later comparison to find the best deal.

    Salvage companies do not all operate the same way. Some may offer free pick-up, while others will pay you more if you can bring the vehicle to them. Policies and procedures vary from shop to shop so don't assume anything. All of these elements should be factored in to meet your particular situation to get the best price.

    Maybe you need as much money as you can get, or maybe you just want a tired looking, unwanted eyesore removed from your property; either way having someone else deal with the headache of junk car removal can be a real time and energy saver.

    Trying to sell a junk vehicle can seem counter-intuitive to most people. Few understand the re-cycle industry, so are not aware of after-market parts values. This multi-million dollar niche operates in the background of the auto-industry, and these guys know how to squeeze every penny out of any automobile no matter how bad the condition.

    Even cars and trucks that barely look like cars and trucks can still have inherent value even if only for the weight of the scrap metal. So, if you've been wondering how you're going to get that old "project" you never got around too out of your front yard, now you know.

    Take a bit of time to clean it up, no matter how damaged it is, get your paperwork lined up; then start making calls to some area businesses that trade cash for cars, and see which one will make you an offer you can't refuse.

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